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En Breve: El Impacto de la Adversidad Durante la Infancia Sobre el Desarrollo de los Niños

Translated into Spanish, this video and related brief outline basic concepts from the research on the biology of stress, which show that major adversity can weaken developing brain architecture and permanently set the body’s stress response system on high alert.

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Super Cerebro

Super Cerebro is a three-minute video depicting how actions by a range of people in the family and community can affect a child’s development. This is the Spanish translation of Brain Hero.

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Super-Cérebro is the Portuguese translation of Brain Hero, a three-minute video depicting how actions by a range of people in the family and community can affect a child’s development.

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A child climbing a ladder on a playground with a graphic of double-helix DNA superimposed

InBrief: Resilience Series (Japanese)

These videos, here in Japanese, provide an overview of why resilience matters, how it develops, and how to strengthen it in children.

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The Science of ECD video still

InBrief: The Science of Early Childhood Development (Japanese)

This video from the InBrief series, here in Japanese, addresses basic concepts of early childhood development, established over decades of neuroscience and behavioral research.

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Video still from the Brain Hero video showing an animation and Japanese text

Brain Hero (Japanese)

This 3-minute video, here in Japanese, adapts the visual sensibility of interactive game models to a video format. Based loosely on such games as “Guitar Hero,” “SimCity,” and “The Game of Life,” the video portrays how actions taken by parents, teachers, policymakers, and others can affect life outcomes for both the child and the surrounding community.

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A toddler boy walks next to his father

InBrief: How Resilience Is Built (Norwegian subtitles)

Watch this video, here subtitled in Norwegian, to learn how responsive exchanges with adults help children build the skills they need to manage stress and cope with adversity. The Norwegian subtitles for this video have been generously provided by RVTS Sør.

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Illustrated adult and child holding hands with text 'Ser los padres que queremos ser'

Estrés Tóxico y Resiliencia

Todos queremos dar a nuestros hijos lo que necesitan para crecer al máximo de su potencial, y como padres desempeñamos un papel importante en su desarrollo. Pero nuestra crianza se ve afectada por los apoyos y dificultades de nuestra vida, incluyendo las experiencias que causan lo que se conoce como «estrés tóxico». Pero experimentar estrés tóxico no tiene que determinar quién somos o cómo actuamos, y hay cosas que podemos hacer para defendernos a nosotros y a nuestros hijos de los efectos de incluso el estrés más intenso.

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