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Pediatric Thought Leaders

Envisioning a new era of pediatric primary care made possible by enhanced measurement capacity

Pediatric healthcare providers constitute one of three Pediatric Innovation Initiative member groups. They play a critical role in representing the demand for novel measures of stress and resilience in pediatric primary care and help to illuminate the realities of the healthcare environment as well as potential obstacles to measurement implementation.

What Is the Role of the Pediatric Thought Leaders?

From 2018-2021, members of this group took part in a Pediatric Innovation Cluster focused on iterative practice change. During phases one and two of the Health’s Early Roots and Origins (HERO) study, sites affiliated with members of this group were among the first to test the feasibility of collecting these new measures in the context of a primary care visit. Going forward, the expertise of this group will be critical to laying the foundation for the potential uptake of these measures in pediatric primary care.

Chart for Pediatric Thought Leaders

Updated list of Pediatric Thought Leaders coming soon.

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