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Frontiers of Innovation Projects

Frontiers of Innovation (FOI) projects were supported by the Center on the Developing Child or our partner organizations through ongoing consultation. Learn more about the projects below.

The information below depicts project plans as originally outlined and has not been updated since July 2020. Due to the coronavirus crisis, many teams adjusted their project plans including changes to implementation, study design and timeline, and also have made adjustments over the subsequent years.



Adult-Focused Group Setting Icon
Adult-Focused Group Setting
Childcare Setting Icon
Childcare Setting
Community Setting Icon
Community Setting
Home Setting Icon
Home Setting
Online Setting Icon
Online Setting
Other Setting Icon
Other Setting
Parent-Child Center Setting Icon
Parent-Child Center Setting
Pediatric or Clinical Setting Icon
Pediatric or Clinical Setting
School Setting Icon
School Setting

Primary Design Principle(s)

Reduce Sources of Stress Icon
Reduce Sources of Stress
Strengthen Core Life Skills Icon
Strengthen Core Life Skills
Support Responsive Relationships icon
Support Responsive Relationships

Current Projects

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Best Starts for Kids

These projects are part of the Best Starts for Kids (BSK) initiative and receive technical support from teams at the University of Washington and Children’s Home Society of Washington.

Brazil Innovation Cluster

Led by the iLab Primeira Infância, a Núcleo Ciência Pela Infância initiative

Mexico Innovation Cluster

Led by the Aceleradora de Innovación para la Primera Infancia

Pediatric Innovation Cluster

Supported by the Center on the Developing Child


Additional FOI Projects

Supported by the Center on the Developing Child

Completed FOI Projects

Learn More

The IDEAS Impact Framework has been released as a self-directed toolkit which can be found here

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