The Center’s current portfolio of work includes initiatives, activities, and projects that cross the traditional domains of research and public engagement. These efforts grow out of our belief that healthy child development is the foundation of economic prosperity, strong communities, and a just society, and our mission is to leverage that rapidly growing knowledge to drive science-based innovation that achieves breakthrough outcomes for children facing adversity. We believe that unprecedented reductions in economic dependence and social disadvantage can be produced through a new way of thinking fueled by 21st-century science, a new way of working that embraces the culture of innovation, and a new breed of leadership across multiple fields that is driven by constructive dissatisfaction with incremental change.

National Scientific Council on the Developing Child

The Council is the Center’s flagship initiative on translating science into policy. This unique, multi-disciplinary, multi-university group of scientists and scholars synthesizes and communicates the science of early childhood and early brain development in order to inform public discourse and policy making.
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National Forum on Early Childhood Policy and Programs

The Forum, a direct outgrowth of the Council, assesses and interprets research evidence on program effectiveness and a range of interventions targeting early childhood, as well as data on family support services, in order to inform policymaking and practice.
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Global Children's Initiative

Beginning with a focused interest in evidence-based policies and practices affecting vulnerable children and their families worldwide, the Center aims to develop a portfolio of international projects that adds value to the work of others in the domains of child health and development.
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Frontiers of Innovation

In collaboration with a broad network of people and organizations across North America, the Frontiers of Innovation initiative is working to drive the design of intervention strategies grounded in scientific research that produce breakthrough outcomes for at-risk children.
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Science of Adversity and Resilience

The Center’s portfolio of activities on the Science of Adversity and Resilience is designed to advance our understanding of how genes, experiences, and environmental influences interact during prenatal, child, and adolescent development to affect brain development and lifelong outcomes in learning, behavior, and health.
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Students, Education and Leadership Development

The Center’s Education and Leadership Development (ELD) agenda is focused on creating a new breed of change agents who are prepared to think differently, work differently, and drive innovation in research, policy, and practice to improve the well-being of vulnerable children.
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