Innovation & Application

The science of development is a powerful source of fresh thinking about how to increase opportunities early in life for all children. Using current best practices as a starting point, the Center is working with a network of researchers, practitioners, and community members to design, implement, and evaluate innovative, science-based practice models that achieve transformational change for vulnerable children and families.

Frontiers of Innovation

Frontiers of Innovation (FOI) is the Center’s R&D Platform, designed to accelerate the development and adoption of science-based innovations that achieve breakthrough impact at scale. Launched in 2011, FOI employs a structured but flexible model that facilitates idea generation, development, implementation, testing, evaluation, and rapid-cycle iteration. This process is grounded in science and supported within a growing community of change agents who are committed to shared learning, cumulative knowledge, and transformative child outcomes at the population level.

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Applying the Science

Thinking about how to apply the science of child development to practice and policy, and then to innovate, first requires a foundation of knowledge about how development happens, what sends it off track, and how we can restore healthy development. These materials are designed for professionals in a variety of fields and sectors who want to understand the science of early childhood development and apply key concepts to their work.

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