Let’s spread the word about #ServeAndReturn!

Serve and return is one of the easiest and most important activities adults can do with babies and young children. It helps build strong connections in the developing brain that are needed for core life skills such as executive function and self-regulation. And, it is crucial for building resilience, which helps children weather significant adversity in life.

A woman caregiver with a toddler at the grocery store, both are holding peppersAnyone can engage in serve and return with any child. It doesn’t require toys or technology–just a baby, toddler, or young child and an adult. You can do it together during everyday moments–like while you’re grocery shopping, riding the bus, or getting ready in the morning. See our parent/caregiver guide (in English & Spanish) and new step-by-step video to learn more.

Our goal is to make as many people aware of serve and return as possible!

Grandfather And Grandson Playing With Toys On Floor At HomeBeginning on June 11, 2019, the Center on the Developing Child will:

  • Share the concept and 5 steps of serve and return (featuring 1 step each week for 5 weeks)
  • Encourage social media followers to post pictures & videos of themselves doing any (or all) of the five steps with a young child

The hashtag #ServeAndReturn will be reinforced throughout the five weeks, and the Center will seed conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with our own images & videos.

The Center’s Communications team will monitor use of the #ServeAndReturn hashtag and will retweet/share/repost great examples of people doing serve and return together. The “best” examples may also be featured in the Center’s monthly newsletter!

Woman caregiver playing on the floor with crawling babyHow to join the #ServeAndReturn fun:

  • Like, share, retweet, repost, etc. the Center’s Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram posts.
  • Post your own videos and photos of adults doing serve and return with a baby or young child. (Important: Be sure to get permission from parents!)
  • All posts should include:
    • The #ServeAndReturn hashtag
    • A tag for the Center on the Developing Child (see specific tags below)
    • The text “We #ServeAndReturn, do you?” (if possible)

Thank you so much for spreading the word about #ServeAndReturn! If you have questions, please contact developingchild@harvard.edu.

Additional Info

Center on the Developing Child social media tags:
Twitter: @HarvardCenter
Facebook: @CenterDevelopingChild
Instagram: @DevelopingChildHarvard

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