Senior Project Manager for Instructional Design

Aeshna Badruzzaman, Ph.D.

Aeshna Badruzzaman

Aeshna Badruzzaman, Ph.D. serves as the Senior Project Manager for Instructional Design at the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. As part of the Innovator Supports Team, she supports the Center’s efforts to bridge the research/action gap by providing a range of capacity-building experiences and developing curricula, programs, toolkits, and other learning experiences that make the science of early childhood actionable and support the field in increasing the impact and scalability of innovations.

Prior to joining the Center, Aeshna spent over 15 years as a researcher, educator, and program manager. She has designed and implemented research agendas in collaboration with NGOs and activist partners focusing on climate change, conflict negotiation, workers’ rights, and human rights and advocacy. She has spent years teaching at the university level—designing curricula and facilitating student research and learning experiences (in person and online) that enable critical analysis. She has also worked in academic publishing, striving to highlight emerging scholarship in regions typically underrepresented in traditional academic journals through advising and the development of online programs.

Aeshna holds a Ph.D. in political science from Northeastern, an M.A. in politics from New York University, and a B.A. in economics and development studies from U.C. Berkeley.

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