Want Perfect Pitch? You Might Be Able To Pop A Pill For That

January 4, 2014

Publication: NPR

Featured Expert: Takao Hensch

Link: http://www.npr.org/2014/01/04/259552442/want-perfect-pitch-you-could-pop-a-pill-for-that

Research by Center-affiliated faculty member Takao Hensch suggests that a drug can restore brain plasticity to a juvenile state, allowing adults to learn perfect pitch. NPR’s Linda Wertheimer asks Hensch, who serves on the Center’s steering committee, about the implications of reopening this particular “critical period” of development. Hensch is a professor of molecular and cellular biology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, and the director of the NIMH-funded Silvio O. Conte Center for Mental Health Research.

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