Call for Applications: Science-Based Innovation Studios

Science-Based Innovation Studios are created to be a vibrant workspace where the Center brings together local partners from community-based programs and student-led design teams. Participants will share a common interest in early childhood development to mobilize scientific knowledge, leverage “real-world” wisdom, and apply “design-led” problem-solving to move beyond traditional ways of thinking. Teams will identify unmet challenges faced by programs and work collaboratively toward innovative, science-informed solutions.

Eligibility: The Studios are open to all Harvard graduate students, regardless of school or program. Harvard College students in the final two years of their studies are also encouraged to apply. Applicants can apply individually and therefore expect to be assigned to a design team. Alternatively, applicants can apply as a team. There must be 4 members (no more, no less) for any one team that applies together. Applicants are expected to attend all 6 studio workshops. Interested candidates who can only attend 5 of the 6 studio workshops will still be considered.  In the event that one of the six workshops will be missed, please note this explicitly on the application and identify which one.

To apply, email the following documents to Lisa Haidar at

  1.  A cover letter that indicates whether you are applying as an individual who needs to be assigned to a design team, or as a member of a design team you have created.  If you are applying as a design team, please include the names of your team members in the cover letter.  Finally confirm in the cover letter that you understand the expectation for participation in the studios (attendance at all 6 studio workshops, presentation at the Learning Expo, and collaboration with a community partner as well as with your design team) and are prepared to fully participate in the experience.  If you know that you will miss one of the studio workshops, please indicate this at the end of your cover letter to include which workshop.
  2. A one-page, single-spaced, personal statement. Include information regarding your commitment to early childhood development and how it pertains to your future career goals. Also highlight any prior experience you may have with early childhood challenges, design thinking, and/or with the non-profit community and explain how your experience and skillsets will positively contribute to the design team to which you will be assigned, or you have created on your own.  If you are applying as team, include the names of the other team members at the bottom of your personal statement.  Conclude your statement with a brief description of what innovation within the early childhood context means to you. Please use Arial or Times New Roman, 11 or 12 pt. font.
  3. Your curriculum vitae or resume.

Please note all students are encouraged to apply regardless of prior experience. We seek a diverse pool of participants and therefore welcome applications from all schools and programs across the university.

The deadline for applications is September 30, 2016. Notifications will be made October 10, 2016.

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