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Pediatric Innovation Initiative

In the crucial years between birth and age 3, most children will visit their pediatrician many times. From regular well-child check-ups for monitoring growth and administering immunizations to visits for the common illnesses of early childhood, pediatricians have unique, frequent access to young children and their families. This makes them the ideal practitioners for supporting healthy development, recognizing potential health risks, and providing supportive care and referral for additional services when needed. When viewed within the context of the Center’s mission to dramatically improve outcomes for children and families facing adversity through science-based innovation, it’s easy to see why engaging with the pediatric sector has become a high priority for our work.

Pediatric primary care is uniquely qualified to serve as a key test bed for translating 21st-century biology and new measures into more effective strategies for strengthening the foundations of early learning, adaptive behavior, and both physical and mental health.