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Latin American Innovation Clusters

In 2016, the Center and its partners in Latin America launched two innovation clusters in the region: the Aceleradora de Innovación para la Primera Infancia in Mexico and the iLab Primeira Infância in Brazil. Both clusters drive the development of innovative two-generation strategies that address the unmet challenges of children and families facing adversity. These clusters have not only expanded the Frontiers of Innovation community beyond the U.S. and Canada, but also have significantly informed and transformed aspects of the community’s innovation agenda.

Core Elements of Our Approach:

Members of the Mexico and Brazil innovation clusters describe their work and how it has changed.

The clusters’ first year was spent learning the science of early childhood development, identifying unmet challenges and initial science-based program ideas, conducting research in their communities to verify and adapt those ideas, and engaging in the Center’s innovation model. In their second year, the clusters began implementation and data collection. With the close of a third year, the projects within the clusters have concluded their initial implementation and are now analyzing their data and preliminary findings.